“The Suri family privately owns Hearthstone Manor.  Our vision is to become the #1 Long Term Care boutique home brand in Canada.  Our mission is to take exceptional care of our residents and provide a clean and homey environment where the residents feel happy served by valued staff.  We are hands on owners and love what we do!  Your family becomes our family when they stay with us.  We develop lifelong bonds with our residents and their families.

Sarah and I come from deep rooted family values.  Zyan and Aaryan, our two sons are actively involved at Hearthstone Manor.  It is vital for us to pass on the values of respecting, loving, and caring for elders to our sons.

Your loved ones will be cared for, fed well, and be entertained by our handpicked staff. We maintain the environment of a home at Hearthstone Manor. This is your new home.

We also carefully select the residents for compatibility into our family to ensure a conducive and happy environment.

Whether you are looking for a long-term care facility, respite / short stay, palliative care — Hearthstone Manor is your top choice.”

Gagan & Sarah Suri


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